Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being in LDR

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I'm in relationship now! Only some people know that I have blog, so  I think it is okay to write it here. Going low profile since the relationship started. but high profile for family. haha

Being in a relationship is not like what I think. It seems easy but also hard in the meantime. Especially LDR- Long Distance Relationship. Ya.. that's right. 

Sini bulan, sana bintang.
Saya bangun, dia tidur.
Magnitude is different.
12 hours of difference.

To conclude, distance and time.
well, that's not a big problem.  (maybe, hee~)

For me, the biggest enemy of LDR is the feeling of insecure.
A lot of things wonder in mind.
And that is dangerous.

I know the best cure of this is having confidence with each other,
which yeah I do believe him.
but u know, sometimes
women tend to over-think. XP


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


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Friday, March 1, 2013

Gaining my belief.

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Seriously, being last year student is hectic.
I'm worrying my Final Year Project,
I'm stressing with the location of Latihan Industri(internship),
I'm fearing of what obstacles may come after.

The confidence is depleting,
and I ammmm ending crack up.

The reasons always there,
maybe I'm too young, 
maybe I'm not ready yet,
maybe I can't deal with reality.

But the ironic is
No one can pull it up,
except myself.
I knew, keep ignoring it.

Having faith of what I'm doing,
it never been in myself.

But I want to start believing the faith.

The faith that

it's Ok to be hurt,
it's Ok to be different,
it's Ok to follow the heart,
it's Ok to not join the mainstream.

Doing the belief of what I believe
is not pain 
but Gain.

*receiving positive counsel from bestie! Thanks for believing me more than myself (touched~ T_T)

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Last Post!!!!!!!!!

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Let's end 2012!

And Welcome 2013!

2012 is coming to an end. n tons of people start to conclude this year, is it better? Is it worsen? n I start concluded mine too~ but rather than year, I'll more to feel my scenarios according to University's semester.. This year, 2012, what's BIG happened.... 

1. Dad was sicked. n it happened during d last days of final exam, before d Chinese New Year. It was the first time ever I felt scared and worried alone, well I guessed I'm not that strong. I was blamed on myself for not being with them(family) at the time, thinking a lot nonsense stuffs cos they seem to tell me last, maybe bcos I was away, maybe bcos they don't want me to be worried. to be truth, I wrecked hard that night, shaking while praying all is well for dad. After some times, dad's gaining his energy back n I'm glad that he is fine now.

2. Thailand's Trip. I was always imagined to go for Thailand, this year, it was not only a dream but a dream come true! First time going to foreign's country, n I'm so excited on that. It was a school program, bringing a vision to let us explore more on other's country Universities. I gave commitment to realized it, n I play hard to earn it. It was eye opening and I knew new friends that is nice n kind to me. I'll definitely be back  to Thailand as my mission there is not completed, where I want to watch Tiger's Show(not d tiger, it's d 'Tiger') and visit the water market!! I'm done with Thai Massage n bebeh!!!! It was the best!!! wooohoo~

3. Final Year Product 1(my thesis??). For this, waloa eh~ Many things done yet still more things not done. Me n my friends chosen short film as our final product, rather than 2D or 3D animation which I'm suck at both. From storyline, script, actors, location... It is challenging, as it keep changing. Need to do assignments and also accomplish a 100++ pages report. I'm survive but next semester... wahaha~ d true Pain will be kicking ass.. 

4. Sister's WEDDING. The event of the year. Rather than happy, I'm more on not letting my sister got married. Just feel like I don't want to share my sister with others(like a pervert, haha) but of course, I'm wishing her and my "Jie fu"(brother-in-law) happily ever after! Belanja me always, wahahahaha! She looks gorgeous that day, n I'm happy for her. ^^ ^^ ^^

5. Malaysia hero, Dato' Lee Chong Wei is married. As everyone known, Yes, he is married! Congrate! Congrate! Congrate! Congrate! Congrate! Congrate! Congrate! Malas tulis....

6.Doom's Day????. 21st DECEMBER 2012.. Nah. It's not. Don't let the world end this fast, I'm just starting my journey. Everyone will be dead someday but nah, not because of the Mayan's calendar. heehehehee...

OK. Study week time, Ciao!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A bit myself, A bit Thailand..

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Hi fellas!!! Long time not uploads post due to... Busyness!!!! Currently, I'm on my final year of my degree.. which means I'm busy with my Final Year Project 1 (FYP1). A lot of things happened in this sem.. like I'm went to Thailand (School Program), my sister's wedding, and my dad's shop changing lot. Fuhh..
I still survive from it.. well, b4 the Doom's day arrive.. which I think will arrived not be arrived. Please don't arrive cos I'm giving efforts on completing my FYP1 and I don't want it to be wasted like that even though I'm nervous with the final product which be completed on FYP2...

For the Thailand trip, I really hope I can share my experiences at there here.. wait.. waitt.. I need to re-organize my data.. then I upload it.. teehee~~ But still some photos there.. :P
Sawadikaa~~ A Wai with Uncle McD..

Something happens!! but yet we so blur at Thailand.. haha~

Asian Institute of Technology. they use bicycle as main transport here!!

At the front desk of Salaya Pavillion Hotel.. with handsome~~ hehe

Ignore this, I'm just showingg..

Sexy boh?? 

Skyfall?? This was better! Live in front my eyes...

The bad ass in the show.. but he's friendly in reality.. :)

Second time - Parasailing!!! woohoo~

Arrived Coral Island, Pattaya.

Family Picture in front of Wat Arun..

Amitabha. a woman pray at the four face Buddha temple.

Pretty, is it?? making me want to make a real one.. but this one, no pain at all, it's drawn!! haha

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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要21岁了,以前想过 21岁之前要谈恋爱,但随后这想法就不了了之。虽然也没有轰烈的恋情但朋友的友情足以让我窝心。但我是蛮享受男女的暧昧。说不清的害羞,矛盾,傻笑让人对未来充满遐想。但好几段的暧昧都没发展成一段关系,可能是我太有自己的想法关系,或装傻的婉拒。或许想看到的真心并不足与,也或许我的理想型标准Super High。。haha~ 拥有另一半的朋友要幸福哦!缘份得来不易,能做为情侣是缘,能携手到老是份啊!

21岁的一个人没有不好,我倒是享受的。习惯性的一个人让我觉得私人空间很舒服欸~~ 家人朋友都在问,好像担心我嫁不出去。别担心啦~~对我来说21岁才是人生的开始。。

Sunday, June 17, 2012

exam *blank*

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Ages... not posting anything...

today saja2.. exam week, so ....

it's still remains 2 papers to go. but after web programming, im just to speechless on the final exam. every paper is hard this semester, although i did thought that it wont be that easy this sem. but still, it was EXTREMELY HARD. kind of disappoint of myself. why I cant score in the final exam. and bikin panas the carrier marks all ok good but the final is doomed.

Arhhhhhhhgghhhgh.... too terrifying!


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