Saturday, February 12, 2011

Idol!! Mark Zuckerberg.

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Who is this freak guy hah?? No offence. I can said he is totally freak since he been able to do the all coding and built up Facebook. He is a computer scientist, a software developer, a CEO , a president and a billionaire.. I am not his follower actually, until, I done some research regarding him about Facebook. Surprisingly, I'm bonded to him. Wee~~  

 the man in the picture, it's him. Well,to know him better. I watched the Social Network. Good film. Perfectly, truly describe who he is in a more visual way.. but, Facebook was initially created because he want to success in front of his ex-gf.. that is just so Wow!
he also been chosen as the people of the year by Time mag. and guess how much he own??... 41billion.. US Dollar.. the value of Facebook on 2010. which, make him the youngest billionaire on the world.. Woohoo~~

His mission: making the world open. Make me admire him more~ Man with vision. everything possible through Facebook, through internet. the greatest invention in this century. he will be more n more success n  influencing in future with Facebook.

新年啊! It's CNY!!

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根地咬的第一个嘉年华! Keningau 1st CNY Carnival!
我的新年在匆匆忙忙中度过。不过,最重要是和家人一起过的。平凡,简单,但,是幸福,是温暖的。今年,两个愿望实现了。第一,是我终于有一有牌子的AhLong包包了。。hehe~ 第二,梦寐以求的DSLR也有了。Yes!知足啊~

羊年吗~~ hihiY(^_^)Y. 好像它的运程还蛮behbai哦。。 哈哈。桃花会不错,但,小人要防啊!最后,祝大家快乐平安,女的美,男的帅,荷包满满!($ _ $)

My CNY was celebrated in a rush, not holiday mood. Still, I am grateful because I'm celebrating it with my family. the celebration was simple but meaningful. One family gathered together only once a year. Yahh.. It's satisfied me. this year is a dream come true year.. haha.. let me tell'ya y.. 1st, I finally got my a bit branded "Ah Long" bag.. hehe. 2nd, the DSLR that I dreamed day and night, I finally have it. but, it still at home coz I'm not the one that buying it. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮..

My zodiac is meakkk... Goat.. and the luck seem not bad this year!  Yeah!! make a year Geng! At last, I wished everyone happy happy, healthy healthy, girls more lenglui, boys more liangzhai n wallet full full!  hah!冏rz

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