Friday, March 1, 2013

Gaining my belief.

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Seriously, being last year student is hectic.
I'm worrying my Final Year Project,
I'm stressing with the location of Latihan Industri(internship),
I'm fearing of what obstacles may come after.

The confidence is depleting,
and I ammmm ending crack up.

The reasons always there,
maybe I'm too young, 
maybe I'm not ready yet,
maybe I can't deal with reality.

But the ironic is
No one can pull it up,
except myself.
I knew, keep ignoring it.

Having faith of what I'm doing,
it never been in myself.

But I want to start believing the faith.

The faith that

it's Ok to be hurt,
it's Ok to be different,
it's Ok to follow the heart,
it's Ok to not join the mainstream.

Doing the belief of what I believe
is not pain 
but Gain.

*receiving positive counsel from bestie! Thanks for believing me more than myself (touched~ T_T)

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