Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being in LDR

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I'm in relationship now! Only some people know that I have blog, so  I think it is okay to write it here. Going low profile since the relationship started. but high profile for family. haha

Being in a relationship is not like what I think. It seems easy but also hard in the meantime. Especially LDR- Long Distance Relationship. Ya.. that's right. 

Sini bulan, sana bintang.
Saya bangun, dia tidur.
Magnitude is different.
12 hours of difference.

To conclude, distance and time.
well, that's not a big problem.  (maybe, hee~)

For me, the biggest enemy of LDR is the feeling of insecure.
A lot of things wonder in mind.
And that is dangerous.

I know the best cure of this is having confidence with each other,
which yeah I do believe him.
but u know, sometimes
women tend to over-think. XP



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