Monday, June 27, 2011

bah... marathon gila o..

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Me and my best friend-Meang are currently at Sibu. n we had a crazy marathon yesterday. Since, we came to Sarawak with no specific plan, so everything go spontaniously. I think we might have walk 4 more or less than 5km, under the brightly hot shining sun!!! even sunblock is not the prevention step for it. we didn't noticed it until we got back to hotel.. mcm itam2 then, made the comparison with d part dat cover with shirt. Walaooo ehh... haha~~ shocked!! even my face pun eneven suda d colour.. my nose n dahi itam2 de..(manglish).. haha

talk back to the title, I called it marathon gila coz we hang out from 10a.m to 3.30p.m... less gila than we hang out at Kuching but It's a new experiance as we go out from the town area to a more district area. we used bus to go to places but... stil need to walk a long distance to the place. with no map about the area, we berani2 go.. It's FUN!! haha~~ will share the details after going back to Keningau. BEST!! Cella, if u r reading this, then u will regret coz not coming with us!! haha~~

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ethics in IT.

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If u had read today's newspaper, then, u must had known the guy that named himself Anonymous. Quite a mystery, giving himself such a name. of course he doesn't want anybody to know him coz he is committing an IT crime. He hacked a big number of our country(Malaysia) government website. this action cause some of the website was close and some are taken by. the motive is clear. he want to challenge government. Reason?? our government have a big authority to screen the pupil's freedom of speaking in the cyber world. this can be proven as there were blogger always been capture due to some sensitive issues that they write on their blog.

So. here are the issues. Should government screen the majority website of people in Malaysia, in a way that block off the freedom of speaking in our country ?? Another issue, in order to notice the government, should the guy-Anonymous hacks the government website??

I would like to talk some of my opinion in this issue when I saw the headline of the news today. I remembered     the first sem of my course, I've had taken Ethics and Professionalisme in IT. In one of the class, we've had mentioned about the screening issue in cyber world. and I did gave my opinion on this issue that i had noticed the authority of government in restricting the freedom of speaking in cyber world. majority users of internet have thoughts on some agenda that happened in our country but scared to talk bout it due to afraid. Afraid of what?? well, let's refer to our imagination.

Hacking is not appropriate. I don't support it! Because that is basic ethic in life. U don't disturb other's life. there is always alternative ways if u want to notice others bout their action. hacking is not the way.

this is the first time i'm writing on something serious. coz as an IT student, I have to share out something when it related to my field and of course it's a good topic to share to. by the way, it's time for government to improve the security of government website.

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