Friday, December 9, 2011

Rebound, Rebounding

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Do you had any crazy thoughts before? I had it. and It was a lot. well, thoughts rite.. so never accomplish it..

but, just very now, I got this crazy thought about getting fat.. very fat and becoming slim again. will it work?? haha~ i think no...

thinking like it will be fun/different if you having a path that you havent had it before.. then, the rational mind will stop me from doing things that people not ordinary to do. Although I'm not really care about people's opinion bout me but somehow I may be one of those that lose to the society's prejudice. 

hmm.. when I was in high school, my body's weight averagely on 47kg. during the after high school time, my weight gain to almost 50kg.. the fattest of me... make it clear first, my height is only 153cm, so 50kg already can make me look chubby! huhu~~ 

Go to matric, maybe cause first time left home, or nothing to eat there, my weight back to 47kg like usual.. miss that time, cause I don't had extra fat/lipid on my body. Since I entering Uni, my weight just silently increasing.. 47.3kg, 47,5kg,48kg, 48.6kg and 49kg... oh god... can't control it already.. haha.. should I just give up and go bigger... kinkingking~

Since this sem, coz my new roomate, Kate, bought a fridge and place it in our room, I'm starting to buy beverages to put in there.. it look wonderful as I can have my cool drinks anytime I want.. but then I discovered my weight also maintaining in 48-49kg.. more and more praised that I'm gettin healthier(fatter).. ahh... and my tummy, it visible again.

Women. just care bout things like this. As I, it hard for me to get my old shape coz I really need carbohydrate now(final exam is near).. So, I better tell my sister to buy bigger size of clothes for chinese new year 2012 then.. wakaka..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Aaarhh.. It's ASSIGNMENTS!

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every time, when the deadline of all those complex, challenging, tough, problematic assignments draw near, the patterns of all students (refer to the level of stressful) will showed up... it may be vary from each student.

some like to watch drama-marathon. korean drama like secret garden, 49 days totally perfect. if you are not into korea, then try out with english drama. drama like house, vampire diaries and nikita will make you absorbed in the fictional world. you may forget the pain from the reality that the assignments need to pass up soon. but, still the nightmare will still haunting you till the very end.

some like to eat. all kind of foods. meat, high carbohydrate thingy, junk food, sweet, chocolate. I personally recommend chocolate. Cadbury(back porest), Fellelo Rocher,  Plingles, Libena(Lemun), and Pokkah(Gleen tea), one of this must be with me if I need them. believe me or not, it does help to loose the tenseness of assignments. haha.. then, u'll realize that your weight also gaining.. but you can't do anything cos exam is coming and you don't have time to work out. back to hometown, everyone will praise that you surely can take care yourself.

some may like to drink. by meaning, alcohol. well, I'm not so sure bout the ladies, but men are enjoying it. clubbing till whole night young.. high till you not aware the submition date. Labuan is heaven. heaven for those drinkers, smokers. No tax. very cheap that even a student is capable to buy.

some like to escape. every student is stress. part of them manage it and go along. part of them, give up. deep inside, i wish i can escape. to the end, i just face it. not on my choice. that is part of the responsibility of a student. i have a friend, just back to her hometown. left nothing, no letter to the administration, lecturer. just message to few friend saying thank you and not coming back. her choice was chosen. still, wish her all the best there.

i think we just need to do our own part then. let the result rock!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Jobs- Apple rules!

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Few decades ago, people may think that an apple is just a fruit. it is sweet, crunchy and good for your health. No one ever realized that an Apple can brings other meaning to the life until a device so called Apple was released. it brings innovation to the world. MacBook, Ipod, Iphone and latest Ipad, those devices sold for a huge amount in the market, bringing the unique IT fashion. people now craving for it, as it function as multidevice and represents the first line of technology.

Steve Jobs had the most distinctive thoughts. from the creation of the devices till the fashion of his own. long black shirt and jeans as his fashion trademark. it just superb! Steve made someone that not using Apple also felt lost, and sad when he was gone. the influence is worldwide. 

the most inspire speech of him at Harvard. 

STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH. it is a deep sentence and the advice to the freshie graduated. well, steve also remind me, don't underestimate people who drop out from college. because steve proved that he can suceed even without a cert from a college. I respect him and I think everyone do. the creativity and innovation of him continue colors the world. R.I.P.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ribena kids.

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Kami ialah kanak-kanak ribena! Cikgu Jo call us kanak2 ribena and since then we are the gang and cikgu jo is our leader. that is how our friendship becomes more close and close. with only 5 gang and a leader. and I want to write it.
Recalling all my memories with u making me feel so secure and happy. Ya, I'm saying u, tehC! we've been friend since kindergarten. Now, we having our own path to the future. I still keeping the letter u gave to me when I went to matriculation. 
Every time I read your's letter make me always remember that I have u, friend. make me feel blessed, and wanna cry coz I miss the time we had spent 2gather. I miss ur's laughter, gila2 n always protecting me (sometimes got bullied me too) hehe.. but I never regret for knowing u.

Mian, we are friend since kindergarten too. but we like buddy buddy coz indut introduce us in primary school.   luckily got her, if not, i may never close up with u. 其实我很想跟你讲谢谢你啊!陪我去sarawak。因为是你所以一路我都很放心。。你刚进大学所以加油啊!我们都一直在你心边。

Indut, hehehehe~~ kita paham2 ja la.. i heart u, u heart me.. keke.. every time I have something troubled me, you always listening. and advising that it'll be all right. cakap yg nonsense pun ko terima jugak.. hehe.

my bebeh cella, now becoming more prettie prettie~ but u always x tepati janji. hehe. where is my mp3???  ko la sifu sya yg start ajar sya gila2. tp nasib belajar 10% ja, if not I don't know who am I any more~~

actually every time we met, I want to said something. but never succeed coz over exited.. hehe~ I never regret my high school's life. coz  have u all accompany me and it is a great time with u guys. i miss u all, future Ribena ladies. muaxxxxx.. haha.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


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  一直以来我不是很懂为何马来西亚人一定要分种族来办事情。我是沙巴人,在一个叫根底咬的镇的KG.Bingkor长大。这里没有严重的种族歧视,大家都以一个种族的身份交谈。很畅快很心安。我的身份有点特别。爷爷奶奶是天津人,很久以前从中国来便扎根在Papar的Ulu Kimanis。外公也是从中国来和外婆(沙巴的Kadazan族)结婚,所以妈妈是sino-native。就这样,我是有1/4土著血统的华人。
  我很庆幸我是在这环境长大。从爸爸那里,了解我们天津人的礼俗。从妈妈这里,了解沙巴土著的文化。对我来说这不矛盾,反而我是骄傲呢!每一个族群都有自己独特的文化,语言就是很好的例子。天津话说起来好多翘舌音(rrrrr...)sabah话确有有趣的单词。(例如:nakesirit, 肚子痛时不小心把大便拉在裤子上)那些字都好难在另种语言直接的翻译。虽然不会说天津话,但听懂难不倒我,虽然不完全懂土著的语言,但简单的交谈因该没问题!
 读完中学后,到了labuan的matriculation就读。从一个小世界到了一个比较大的世界。Labuan Matriculation College 集合了沙巴,劳越和纳闽的学生,完成一年的课程就能继续读大学。认识了可爱和亲的劳越人也认识了更多豪爽的沙巴人。我的3个室友是回教徒但那一年就像家人一起度过。同学有讲有笑,各别得种族完全不是问题。有点想念那时光啊!现在到了大学,到了更大的世界,接触的人是全马的人。感触好多。

Saturday, August 20, 2011

19 19 19!!!

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what a wonderful age at 19! I born in 29 august 1991..  still have 9 days before my birthday.. really don't want to admit it. how can I be tua so fast like dis.. haa.. just part of my self don't wish to end my 19 like this!! I really love this age.. not because my academic excellent at 19.. not because I finally traveled at 19.. not because I got my DSLR at 19.. 19 just give me a lot.. from mentally.. emo~ emo~ macam mau cry saja.. haha.. so much things that I insisted, became clear to me.. either chose it or leave it or hang more tight like koala on it.. ><

I am a more on me person.. others hardly can influence me except they realllllly close with me n they have my heart with them. ^^ but lately keep thinking that, right, it is d true me.. why peduli others thinks bout u.. I'm actually don't care la.. but can't be a cool heart people forever right, care bout ur surroundings k.. trying.. well, depend..

20 20 20!! mature mature mature!! taking serious with my life.. oh my! had I been serious with my life before.. I wonder. 20 also means I need to grow up, grow more more more up.. adults is not easy u know??! sometimes I don't understand them..  not like I'm rejecting 20 but 19 is just good. I mean real good. ::><:: ahhh.. my 19..

19 is my craziest year.. n I become crazy at this age too.. (with my family only. hehe)  my mum said: nah.. tgok dia, datang sot liao.. sorry la mum, I'm trying to make our home more hilarious. although u'll keep saying I'm bising or sot.. but u'guys will be missing me when I'm back to labuan.

I watched a movie, called 19.. glad I'm watch it when I'm 19, so much young inside it.. recommend to u all.. my 19, will be missing u. thank you so much for giving me all the things that I had met, making me appreciate my 19 much. 19 is imperfect and imperfect is perfect for 19!!

if u want to watch it can click here. enjoy it! feel it-19!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


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最近听到了一首歌词很有画面的歌。。这首歌在我电脑有段时间了,但没有仔细的听。。 词很符合现在和未来,我们对自己的期望。特别喜欢那句‘完美本来就包含瑕疵啊’~~。。 完美的不完美,是这意思吗?? Enjoy it!!


小時候說的話 你記得嗎
我們描述不遠的未來 要變成太陽月亮
你現在實現了嗎 還是跟我一樣

我們都不知道 蔥會開花
只懂得欣賞每頓晚餐 永遠配角的綠光
人生從來沒答案 理想從來有偏差

鏡子中 驕傲的臉龐 帶著些許憂傷
成熟外表下 純真的心沒變化
童年的幻想 長大後的尷尬

如果再活一次 會怎麼樣
生命中走過的日子裡 想回到哪段時光
自己是一面鏡子 越細看越明白

鏡子中 驕傲的臉龐 帶著些許憂傷
成熟外表下 純真的心沒變化
童年的幻想 長大後的尷尬

鏡子中 微笑的臉龐 帶著些許昂揚
成熟內心中 默默地開滿了花
童年的玩耍 成長的不漂亮

Monday, June 27, 2011

bah... marathon gila o..

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Me and my best friend-Meang are currently at Sibu. n we had a crazy marathon yesterday. Since, we came to Sarawak with no specific plan, so everything go spontaniously. I think we might have walk 4 more or less than 5km, under the brightly hot shining sun!!! even sunblock is not the prevention step for it. we didn't noticed it until we got back to hotel.. mcm itam2 then, made the comparison with d part dat cover with shirt. Walaooo ehh... haha~~ shocked!! even my face pun eneven suda d colour.. my nose n dahi itam2 de..(manglish).. haha

talk back to the title, I called it marathon gila coz we hang out from 10a.m to 3.30p.m... less gila than we hang out at Kuching but It's a new experiance as we go out from the town area to a more district area. we used bus to go to places but... stil need to walk a long distance to the place. with no map about the area, we berani2 go.. It's FUN!! haha~~ will share the details after going back to Keningau. BEST!! Cella, if u r reading this, then u will regret coz not coming with us!! haha~~

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ethics in IT.

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If u had read today's newspaper, then, u must had known the guy that named himself Anonymous. Quite a mystery, giving himself such a name. of course he doesn't want anybody to know him coz he is committing an IT crime. He hacked a big number of our country(Malaysia) government website. this action cause some of the website was close and some are taken by. the motive is clear. he want to challenge government. Reason?? our government have a big authority to screen the pupil's freedom of speaking in the cyber world. this can be proven as there were blogger always been capture due to some sensitive issues that they write on their blog.

So. here are the issues. Should government screen the majority website of people in Malaysia, in a way that block off the freedom of speaking in our country ?? Another issue, in order to notice the government, should the guy-Anonymous hacks the government website??

I would like to talk some of my opinion in this issue when I saw the headline of the news today. I remembered     the first sem of my course, I've had taken Ethics and Professionalisme in IT. In one of the class, we've had mentioned about the screening issue in cyber world. and I did gave my opinion on this issue that i had noticed the authority of government in restricting the freedom of speaking in cyber world. majority users of internet have thoughts on some agenda that happened in our country but scared to talk bout it due to afraid. Afraid of what?? well, let's refer to our imagination.

Hacking is not appropriate. I don't support it! Because that is basic ethic in life. U don't disturb other's life. there is always alternative ways if u want to notice others bout their action. hacking is not the way.

this is the first time i'm writing on something serious. coz as an IT student, I have to share out something when it related to my field and of course it's a good topic to share to. by the way, it's time for government to improve the security of government website.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Syok Sendiri - Phone calling Expression!

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Hi everyone!! haha, today I'm a bit high.. Why?? Coz I'm just feeling so good!! Smile, and let your's smile infect another.. make this world a world full of smile and gratitude. (too positive-I'm sot-sot liao)... hehehe
just b'coz I'm feeling so damn good, I tend to sot-sot a bit.. while I surfing d internet... My craziness keluar.  I double click my webcam n d process of SS(syok sendiri) keluar. If u guys don't really know what is SS, let me explain to you!
According to (dis web don't exist, it only exist in my blog. kekeke~), SS or Syok Sendiri has several explanation:
1. is a process of taking picture where u enjoy it without any care of ur surrounding. ( macam live in ur own world la)
2. may repeatedly take pic with a same pose. (actually it's d same, but what to do, we only want d most fabulous 1)
3. take d pic from different angle and lighting ( professional photographer pun kalah) so that your 's face look small and photogenic.

back to d topic, after sharing d makeover photo, my face becoming more thick.. continue want to share my photo..(walaupun x laku) hehe... so, I'm came out with d first series of syok sendiri which I named August.SS-Phone Calling Expression!
Happy ^^

Shock - good news!

mad - unbelievable.

sad / cry (tp xda airmata, haha)

deeply concentrate hearing / thinking

dumb receiving call - idiotic pose. wahahaha

I know my expression not dat good yet, so, please, do leave a comment so I can improve my content.. and lastly my 100% SS resulted photo - 1. u c d eye's expression. (totally absorbed in my own world), 2. d angle of my face. Sengaja senget so dat my face will look smaller.. haha! Everyone, please enjoy ur own SS!! n smile brightly!! ^^
SS ing...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Penyakit malas.

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Saya memang pemalas. tapi time study week ni, lagi la malas.. haha.. baju malas cuci. nasi malas masak. buku malas baca!! satu ja saya rajin, hehe, tidur!! pengsan~~ satu lagi!! ONline!! haha.. kan ada perkataan ON sana, itulah saya on ja~~ heehe.. 
lama saya x tulis blog, bila mau tulis ja, teringat peristiwa tu(post yg lalu).. kadang2 memang terfikir pasal tu.. bila nampak ahli keluarga dia, really wanted to comfort them, tapi last2 diam-diam ja saya.. fainted.. (tp sebenarnya malas tulis, byk ja alasan..)
menurut saya la kan, malas tu sebenarnya 1 penyakit jangkitan virus. sebab kenapa?? sebab dia tiada ubat untuk diubati, hanya antibody sendiri ja yang boleh lawan penyakit ni.. hehe~~ macam doctor pula.. tapi batul-batul ni.. sia xda tambirang(tipu)..
bila tengok blog urang lain, memang byk gambar. post saya cikit ja. why?? itu sabab saya malas.. ^^ xda obat mau kasi baik ni penyakit, mau palan-palan(perlahan-lahan) tambah kuat saya pnya antibody.. syok juga tulis bahasa melayu ni, terkeluar melayu-sabah saya.. haha!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My childhood friend..

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I got a really important presentation today. and I'm preparing for it. then, my best friend / another childhood friend called me.. she doesn't usually call me in the afternoon, I'm sensing something important happened. I am regretting for picking up that phone call. like I don't want to accept the reality. she told me that my our childhood friend was passed away. due to suicidal. what!!?? Impossible..

then I'm confirming it by calling home. my brother said, ya, it happened, and it is on the news.. I was quite rejecting it. impossible, it is impossible. then, my presentation was going not to well.. and I'm frustrated with the news. I slept when I got back to hostel. and I don't dare to find the news bout it.

11.30p.m., mu mom called. I knew she want to talk bout it and I have to pick it up. talking to mom just make me remember all the memories that happened past then. I remember we were playing soil after rain, watching cartoons together... why?? just why?? that is not the solution of it.

with the curiosity, I googled it. and I found his blog. he mentioned bout an hypocrite asshole and post that resembles his suicidal. but, nobody noticed it.

 In this life, there is nothing that you hoped will actually come true as you imagine…
All the frustration I had in these past few weeks had merge my body and soul for the longest period of time since for so long…I only hoped that this will not become my breaking point and I can continue to Contribute..But as matters worsens, I may do things in a suicidal compulsion…I just hoped it won’t be too quickly..Anyway.. anyone that reads this.. If I finally departed.. I wish to make sure my family knows EVERYTHING there is to know about me… Even if it was the worst of me.. that was who I am…God would send me to hell for all that I’ve done but who cares when it was too late anyway…so that will be my good bye and I hoped it wouldn’t be soon but not too long as well… Living is HARD… 
life is precious. he mentioned that he want his family to know who he was. but, can they really accept the fact that their son / brother that they love leaving them.. he good in his study and was the holding a position in his faculty. could it be the asshole pushing him..?? living is real hard, that is life all about. turn back the time so it won't end like this.. reading the articles and news make me feel uncomfortable. I don't want them to criticizes it.

  this thing will mark in our heart. what should I response when I meet his family.. It is like a thorn that stay in our heart and no one want to mention it. pray that his family will heal from this.. and others, Please, dying is not gonna fix the problems.  get help by talk to someone.

Monday, March 28, 2011

It is what it is.

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Crap. it is me. totally given out myself in my room for 2 days. I really can be a security of my house. 2days, I'm wasting it like not a big deal of my time and I'll start regretting it by tomoro when school starts. oh ya~ it is what it was. Karma.. I'm a quite a buddhist, ya know.. so, of course I'll be blaming myself in the end of it.

by the way, I'm playing some makeover in between the days. feeling want to share it out the photo but embarrassed bout it. but, still will sharing it out coz I'm just feeling to. haha~~  


it is a distance between before and after. firstly, will be my eyes as they r small and sepet. everyone acknowledged it. secondly, I'll be giving the credit to the clothes. it helped much I confirmed. so, ya, there is no ugly woman, it just to be a lazy woman. but, who can stand to wake up early to make herself nice every morning. well, I can't for this period as a student. Being ordinary is just good enough for me.    
 this sheet of article is goonnaa be long as I'm wrapping up all I want in a sheet. Passion, passion. this dilemma came back for sure. what is the point of I'm feeling aspire-less in things I'm done and not done.  bravery is a subtopic of it. am i will couragely(this word doesn't exist) let it go. 
this whole week will be a screw up week. presentation, assignment, and assignment*** a whole bunch of it. and I'm posting my post at 3.30a.m and feeling like nut coz today is school day!!! things are getting more harder now. Strive for it or just let it go. or just be last minute it'll be.. ahh.. Crapingg..  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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人是矛盾的。我的意思是指我啦!功课堆的像山一样高,知道是该做了,可我就偏偏懒得做。到最后,就一晚不睡做功课。然后就后悔,如果我早一点做,结果一定会更好。然后,又肯定的对自己说:下次不要last minute了!!然后又到了另一个学期,事情反复的发生多一次。
人的天性吧,遇到困难就想逃。我也好想。可是哪能呢!所以我会不爽有的逃避的人。。哈哈。。变态死了~~ 想是想啊,但不是逃避。是去走走散散心。大了啊,不能和小孩一样,就只能面对。

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Idol!! Mark Zuckerberg.

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Who is this freak guy hah?? No offence. I can said he is totally freak since he been able to do the all coding and built up Facebook. He is a computer scientist, a software developer, a CEO , a president and a billionaire.. I am not his follower actually, until, I done some research regarding him about Facebook. Surprisingly, I'm bonded to him. Wee~~  

 the man in the picture, it's him. Well,to know him better. I watched the Social Network. Good film. Perfectly, truly describe who he is in a more visual way.. but, Facebook was initially created because he want to success in front of his ex-gf.. that is just so Wow!
he also been chosen as the people of the year by Time mag. and guess how much he own??... 41billion.. US Dollar.. the value of Facebook on 2010. which, make him the youngest billionaire on the world.. Woohoo~~

His mission: making the world open. Make me admire him more~ Man with vision. everything possible through Facebook, through internet. the greatest invention in this century. he will be more n more success n  influencing in future with Facebook.

新年啊! It's CNY!!

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根地咬的第一个嘉年华! Keningau 1st CNY Carnival!
我的新年在匆匆忙忙中度过。不过,最重要是和家人一起过的。平凡,简单,但,是幸福,是温暖的。今年,两个愿望实现了。第一,是我终于有一有牌子的AhLong包包了。。hehe~ 第二,梦寐以求的DSLR也有了。Yes!知足啊~

羊年吗~~ hihiY(^_^)Y. 好像它的运程还蛮behbai哦。。 哈哈。桃花会不错,但,小人要防啊!最后,祝大家快乐平安,女的美,男的帅,荷包满满!($ _ $)

My CNY was celebrated in a rush, not holiday mood. Still, I am grateful because I'm celebrating it with my family. the celebration was simple but meaningful. One family gathered together only once a year. Yahh.. It's satisfied me. this year is a dream come true year.. haha.. let me tell'ya y.. 1st, I finally got my a bit branded "Ah Long" bag.. hehe. 2nd, the DSLR that I dreamed day and night, I finally have it. but, it still at home coz I'm not the one that buying it. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮..

My zodiac is meakkk... Goat.. and the luck seem not bad this year!  Yeah!! make a year Geng! At last, I wished everyone happy happy, healthy healthy, girls more lenglui, boys more liangzhai n wallet full full!  hah!冏rz

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

我爱你,不容易。 Hard to say: ”I LOVE u."

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前天,说着要致电到家的我,犹疑不决。如果是普通的对话,我爽快得打。但,要说出:“我爱你",的确不容易。电话打了。聊聊最近发生那些事啊~但,脑里回想着我和妈之间发生的点点滴滴。从以前我是anak mami,到叛逆(算吗?),到现在很珍惜。好多好多的画面回想了起来。我感触很多。我谈谈吐吐了很久。“咪,我...” “咪,...” “我...” 就是说不出来。可是,那一刻,我真很想让妈知道我,姐,妹,和哥都是幸福的。最后,我鼓起勇气说:“咪,谢谢您把我生下来。”眼泪就在眼眶里打滚着。那是我对妈咪最真心的话。妈有点吓到,可能我们都从没表达过吧。。当我感觉到泪水快要掉下来的时候,妈的反映尽然是:“ehhh,你的DSLR还要买吗?” Huhh。。我哭笑不得。。我爱你,没勇气说出来。但我相信孩子们的心里都很大声的呐喊着:“妈,我爱你!”。

Yesterday, I said that I'm gonna call my mum. Fingers felt like heavy when dialing it. I call millions of times to home, never felt the finger heavy like this before. Is it because, I'm gonna say I love u to mum..?? Never realize it is Hard.. I called. like usual, we talked about daily's thingy. "What do u eat today?” “Have u take ur bath??” Things like that repeated each time we talk.. but, this kind of conversation makes me feel home.. keep on flash backing the memories that we had together.. From I'm a mummy's girl, to a rebellious girl(is it?), and now to a girl that appreciated. I felt a lot. when I trying to speak it out: "Mi, I..." "Mi,..." "I..." just can't say it out. but, I really wanted my mum to know how appreciate am I to be her daughter. So, at last , I said:" Mi, thanks for bringing me to this world."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miss mom and dad!

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Something happened today. My friend's mom go to heaven already. Me and this friend don't really have a close relationship. but, I can feel the sadness. Hard to describe it. It wasn't like I really cry but something stirring in the heart. I never have the experience, someone that I love will leave me, but I think it is unbearable. Keep on remembering mom and dad, I miss them so much! well. family bonding is special. At younger age, I always think I can be independent if I want to, I can live on without others help. it is naive. Now, I realized how much I depend on them. I never tell my mom/dad face to face that i love her/him. Maybe I should do that next time. Scared if they leaving me without knowing how much I am grateful to be their daughter. or I should just call them now... yup, call ING...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unexpected day~

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今天是蛮特别的一天,在码头上竟然遇见了我的讲师,Mdm.C。见到时还真的很惊讶。心想:“不会吧,应该不是同一个船...” 结果,是leh!天啊!一向沟通(对不熟悉的)不好的我死定了。后来,Mdm.C做在我旁边,没说太多的话。我的感觉倒是蛮尴尬的。不知,Mdm.是怎样呢?? 别人在船上都在睡觉,我实在谁不下去啊~~ 只好写一写东西。一片蓝蓝的大海,我对看了3个小时。。以为坐在上面(first class)会有电视看,可是那天偏偏没有哦!!起码,如果有电视,我就不会那么闷呗~ 有电视声音响起,我就直接望前面。不好意思,我真的是电视狂!如果坐在下面(economy)的又有电视看又不会那么闷咯。。 对,我最近很哈韩剧,秘密花园真不错!期待它的结局。就这样,掰!

today is a quite extraordinary day. I met up with my lecturer, Mdm.C at the ferry terminal. I am surprised at that time. Hoping that we don't belong to the same ferry... But, OMG, we were on the same ferry! I'm not really good in socializing with someone that I not close to, so, it will be a nightmare for me..(quite over.>.<) later, Mdm. sat beside me. We don't talk much. I can feel my awkward atmosphere rising.. Everyone sleep on the way, but, I just can't~~ So, I'm taking my notebook to write something..  and watched the blue blue sea for 3 hours.. No TV on first class this day. haiz, really extremely boring.. when the sound of TV heard, I'll directly look ahead.. Must confess, I am a TVholic! totally addicted to Korean drama these days, and Secret Garden is the most! Waiting 4 the ending of the drama.. that's all, Buhbye!      Wrote on 14.01.11

Beginning of my Blog!!

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I always wanted to have a blog.. but my procrastination and my laziness lead me to a hard way.. but, now, at least, my blog was created. The direction of my blog will be anything~~ I'm considering to write in Malay, English, or perhaps Chinese. Let's see how far I can go with this bloggy thingy~~!! \(^o^)/  Now need to rest my eyes n have a good nap...

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