Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miss mom and dad!

Posted by August Chang at 12:20 AM
Something happened today. My friend's mom go to heaven already. Me and this friend don't really have a close relationship. but, I can feel the sadness. Hard to describe it. It wasn't like I really cry but something stirring in the heart. I never have the experience, someone that I love will leave me, but I think it is unbearable. Keep on remembering mom and dad, I miss them so much! well. family bonding is special. At younger age, I always think I can be independent if I want to, I can live on without others help. it is naive. Now, I realized how much I depend on them. I never tell my mom/dad face to face that i love her/him. Maybe I should do that next time. Scared if they leaving me without knowing how much I am grateful to be their daughter. or I should just call them now... yup, call ING...


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