Saturday, August 20, 2011

19 19 19!!!

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what a wonderful age at 19! I born in 29 august 1991..  still have 9 days before my birthday.. really don't want to admit it. how can I be tua so fast like dis.. haa.. just part of my self don't wish to end my 19 like this!! I really love this age.. not because my academic excellent at 19.. not because I finally traveled at 19.. not because I got my DSLR at 19.. 19 just give me a lot.. from mentally.. emo~ emo~ macam mau cry saja.. haha.. so much things that I insisted, became clear to me.. either chose it or leave it or hang more tight like koala on it.. ><

I am a more on me person.. others hardly can influence me except they realllllly close with me n they have my heart with them. ^^ but lately keep thinking that, right, it is d true me.. why peduli others thinks bout u.. I'm actually don't care la.. but can't be a cool heart people forever right, care bout ur surroundings k.. trying.. well, depend..

20 20 20!! mature mature mature!! taking serious with my life.. oh my! had I been serious with my life before.. I wonder. 20 also means I need to grow up, grow more more more up.. adults is not easy u know??! sometimes I don't understand them..  not like I'm rejecting 20 but 19 is just good. I mean real good. ::><:: ahhh.. my 19..

19 is my craziest year.. n I become crazy at this age too.. (with my family only. hehe)  my mum said: nah.. tgok dia, datang sot liao.. sorry la mum, I'm trying to make our home more hilarious. although u'll keep saying I'm bising or sot.. but u'guys will be missing me when I'm back to labuan.

I watched a movie, called 19.. glad I'm watch it when I'm 19, so much young inside it.. recommend to u all.. my 19, will be missing u. thank you so much for giving me all the things that I had met, making me appreciate my 19 much. 19 is imperfect and imperfect is perfect for 19!!

if u want to watch it can click here. enjoy it! feel it-19!

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