Friday, December 9, 2011

Rebound, Rebounding

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Do you had any crazy thoughts before? I had it. and It was a lot. well, thoughts rite.. so never accomplish it..

but, just very now, I got this crazy thought about getting fat.. very fat and becoming slim again. will it work?? haha~ i think no...

thinking like it will be fun/different if you having a path that you havent had it before.. then, the rational mind will stop me from doing things that people not ordinary to do. Although I'm not really care about people's opinion bout me but somehow I may be one of those that lose to the society's prejudice. 

hmm.. when I was in high school, my body's weight averagely on 47kg. during the after high school time, my weight gain to almost 50kg.. the fattest of me... make it clear first, my height is only 153cm, so 50kg already can make me look chubby! huhu~~ 

Go to matric, maybe cause first time left home, or nothing to eat there, my weight back to 47kg like usual.. miss that time, cause I don't had extra fat/lipid on my body. Since I entering Uni, my weight just silently increasing.. 47.3kg, 47,5kg,48kg, 48.6kg and 49kg... oh god... can't control it already.. haha.. should I just give up and go bigger... kinkingking~

Since this sem, coz my new roomate, Kate, bought a fridge and place it in our room, I'm starting to buy beverages to put in there.. it look wonderful as I can have my cool drinks anytime I want.. but then I discovered my weight also maintaining in 48-49kg.. more and more praised that I'm gettin healthier(fatter).. ahh... and my tummy, it visible again.

Women. just care bout things like this. As I, it hard for me to get my old shape coz I really need carbohydrate now(final exam is near).. So, I better tell my sister to buy bigger size of clothes for chinese new year 2012 then.. wakaka..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Aaarhh.. It's ASSIGNMENTS!

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every time, when the deadline of all those complex, challenging, tough, problematic assignments draw near, the patterns of all students (refer to the level of stressful) will showed up... it may be vary from each student.

some like to watch drama-marathon. korean drama like secret garden, 49 days totally perfect. if you are not into korea, then try out with english drama. drama like house, vampire diaries and nikita will make you absorbed in the fictional world. you may forget the pain from the reality that the assignments need to pass up soon. but, still the nightmare will still haunting you till the very end.

some like to eat. all kind of foods. meat, high carbohydrate thingy, junk food, sweet, chocolate. I personally recommend chocolate. Cadbury(back porest), Fellelo Rocher,  Plingles, Libena(Lemun), and Pokkah(Gleen tea), one of this must be with me if I need them. believe me or not, it does help to loose the tenseness of assignments. haha.. then, u'll realize that your weight also gaining.. but you can't do anything cos exam is coming and you don't have time to work out. back to hometown, everyone will praise that you surely can take care yourself.

some may like to drink. by meaning, alcohol. well, I'm not so sure bout the ladies, but men are enjoying it. clubbing till whole night young.. high till you not aware the submition date. Labuan is heaven. heaven for those drinkers, smokers. No tax. very cheap that even a student is capable to buy.

some like to escape. every student is stress. part of them manage it and go along. part of them, give up. deep inside, i wish i can escape. to the end, i just face it. not on my choice. that is part of the responsibility of a student. i have a friend, just back to her hometown. left nothing, no letter to the administration, lecturer. just message to few friend saying thank you and not coming back. her choice was chosen. still, wish her all the best there.

i think we just need to do our own part then. let the result rock!

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