Saturday, January 21, 2012

Daddy, Mommy

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My recent location is at Labuan International Terminal. Waiting my turn, of speedboat to get to Menumbok and finally home. a lot of people today since Chinese New Year 2012 is upcoming soon.

there's a family sit in front of me. don't know if they realised I know to speak chinese too.. A dad and mom was lecturing the young boy.. A freshboy of high school.. form1... the dad said: a boy ah, if teacher teach, u must concentrate.. Do u know the difference between sixteen and sixty??  U are clever but lazy lo... Ur shoes also need your mum to wash for u and u saying that u are not lazy... so on~~

not that I'm stalking. but, they were talking so loudddd...

Hearing it make me wonder, how much time did the father even share with his son. not so many i think. the mom looks like overprotecting her son. talking about the teacher doesn't give her son chance to take Mandarin class and she's grabbed her phone away to call the teacher..

a dramatic scene in the morning.

the son looks like a nice boy, but not sure he is annoyed with the lecture early in the morning. playing his PSP, nodding, answering...

all moms and dads care for their children. my mom and dad care for my life too. but like other parents, they don't understand the thought of youngster today. this may cause war in the future. for the daddy encouraging the child is important, talk to them like a friend, not a kindergarten's children. for mom, let ur child to be independent bit by bit. they need to know to take care themselves as you are not accompanying them forever.

Last, Happy Chinese New Year 2012 everyone!! Hope this will be a prosper Dragon year!! ^^

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Sun

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like usual sitting in bus.. Going to campus.
watching all way scenery, enjoying the bite from crackers..

the SUN, I saw the sun fighting boldly..
like the ancient warrior.
surviving from the attacks.

the CLOUD, acting as a valiant rival,
ambushing the warrior with the Coverage skill.
plaster the Ray Power from the sun.

the Ray Power getting dimper,
the strength level of the warrior,
DECLINE rapidly..

Sky getting gloomy,
conquered by the Great Cover Power f the rival.
the End seem obvious.

there, The Sun Arouse.
Battle all its might,
faithfully on his Ultimate Power - the Ultra V.

Supernatural War happens,
the Sun launching Blood WARN.
recruiting the aye aye Wind.

the Team recruited.
here they are, combine forces.
Ultra V and Tsumami unite.

the spell bursts,
the Cloud trembles.

the Wind blows with 180Km Per Hour,
the Sun shines with 1000 Watts,
Fiuuuu~~ ~~ Pranngggggg~~~ ~~

the Cloud cracks, turning invisible in sky.
the Victory achieved.
the civilian cheer for the Triumph.

the brave brave Sun,
inspired my Day.

Happy NUT

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How many people in the world is really happy?? In real, how many of those look happy is bleeding inside?? and how many of the kind that seem optimistic nut while crying sobbing at darken night??

Guess, human are all this kind of nut.

BUT, everyone..

this nut say to itself:
1. All is well, all is well.
2. tomorrow will be just fine.
3. this time will past.
4. I will be ok.
5. Don't be sad, it is worthless.
6. ... more and more on hypnotizing..

then, the nut will..
1. Gain confidence again.
2. smile brightly.
3. dress well.
4. look itself in the mirror,

Then, time flies...
the nut looks back, arhh.. this is NUT...
pretending to be happy S*^#

SO WHAT, everyone have this nut on them!!

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