Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy NUT

Posted by August Chang at 12:54 PM
How many people in the world is really happy?? In real, how many of those look happy is bleeding inside?? and how many of the kind that seem optimistic nut while crying sobbing at darken night??

Guess, human are all this kind of nut.

BUT, everyone..

this nut say to itself:
1. All is well, all is well.
2. tomorrow will be just fine.
3. this time will past.
4. I will be ok.
5. Don't be sad, it is worthless.
6. ... more and more on hypnotizing..

then, the nut will..
1. Gain confidence again.
2. smile brightly.
3. dress well.
4. look itself in the mirror,

Then, time flies...
the nut looks back, arhh.. this is NUT...
pretending to be happy S*^#

SO WHAT, everyone have this nut on them!!


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