Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unexpected day~

Posted by August Chang at 4:08 PM
今天是蛮特别的一天,在码头上竟然遇见了我的讲师,Mdm.C。见到时还真的很惊讶。心想:“不会吧,应该不是同一个船...” 结果,是leh!天啊!一向沟通(对不熟悉的)不好的我死定了。后来,Mdm.C做在我旁边,没说太多的话。我的感觉倒是蛮尴尬的。不知,Mdm.是怎样呢?? 别人在船上都在睡觉,我实在谁不下去啊~~ 只好写一写东西。一片蓝蓝的大海,我对看了3个小时。。以为坐在上面(first class)会有电视看,可是那天偏偏没有哦!!起码,如果有电视,我就不会那么闷呗~ 有电视声音响起,我就直接望前面。不好意思,我真的是电视狂!如果坐在下面(economy)的又有电视看又不会那么闷咯。。 对,我最近很哈韩剧,秘密花园真不错!期待它的结局。就这样,掰!

today is a quite extraordinary day. I met up with my lecturer, Mdm.C at the ferry terminal. I am surprised at that time. Hoping that we don't belong to the same ferry... But, OMG, we were on the same ferry! I'm not really good in socializing with someone that I not close to, so, it will be a nightmare for me..(quite over.>.<) later, Mdm. sat beside me. We don't talk much. I can feel my awkward atmosphere rising.. Everyone sleep on the way, but, I just can't~~ So, I'm taking my notebook to write something..  and watched the blue blue sea for 3 hours.. No TV on first class this day. haiz, really extremely boring.. when the sound of TV heard, I'll directly look ahead.. Must confess, I am a TVholic! totally addicted to Korean drama these days, and Secret Garden is the most! Waiting 4 the ending of the drama.. that's all, Buhbye!      Wrote on 14.01.11


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