Saturday, February 12, 2011

新年啊! It's CNY!!

Posted by August Chang at 12:03 AM
根地咬的第一个嘉年华! Keningau 1st CNY Carnival!
我的新年在匆匆忙忙中度过。不过,最重要是和家人一起过的。平凡,简单,但,是幸福,是温暖的。今年,两个愿望实现了。第一,是我终于有一有牌子的AhLong包包了。。hehe~ 第二,梦寐以求的DSLR也有了。Yes!知足啊~

羊年吗~~ hihiY(^_^)Y. 好像它的运程还蛮behbai哦。。 哈哈。桃花会不错,但,小人要防啊!最后,祝大家快乐平安,女的美,男的帅,荷包满满!($ _ $)

My CNY was celebrated in a rush, not holiday mood. Still, I am grateful because I'm celebrating it with my family. the celebration was simple but meaningful. One family gathered together only once a year. Yahh.. It's satisfied me. this year is a dream come true year.. haha.. let me tell'ya y.. 1st, I finally got my a bit branded "Ah Long" bag.. hehe. 2nd, the DSLR that I dreamed day and night, I finally have it. but, it still at home coz I'm not the one that buying it. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮..

My zodiac is meakkk... Goat.. and the luck seem not bad this year!  Yeah!! make a year Geng! At last, I wished everyone happy happy, healthy healthy, girls more lenglui, boys more liangzhai n wallet full full!  hah!冏rz


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