Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Jobs- Apple rules!

Posted by August Chang at 12:56 AM
Few decades ago, people may think that an apple is just a fruit. it is sweet, crunchy and good for your health. No one ever realized that an Apple can brings other meaning to the life until a device so called Apple was released. it brings innovation to the world. MacBook, Ipod, Iphone and latest Ipad, those devices sold for a huge amount in the market, bringing the unique IT fashion. people now craving for it, as it function as multidevice and represents the first line of technology.

Steve Jobs had the most distinctive thoughts. from the creation of the devices till the fashion of his own. long black shirt and jeans as his fashion trademark. it just superb! Steve made someone that not using Apple also felt lost, and sad when he was gone. the influence is worldwide. 

the most inspire speech of him at Harvard. 

STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH. it is a deep sentence and the advice to the freshie graduated. well, steve also remind me, don't underestimate people who drop out from college. because steve proved that he can suceed even without a cert from a college. I respect him and I think everyone do. the creativity and innovation of him continue colors the world. R.I.P.  


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