Saturday, May 7, 2011

Syok Sendiri - Phone calling Expression!

Posted by August Chang at 5:26 PM
Hi everyone!! haha, today I'm a bit high.. Why?? Coz I'm just feeling so good!! Smile, and let your's smile infect another.. make this world a world full of smile and gratitude. (too positive-I'm sot-sot liao)... hehehe
just b'coz I'm feeling so damn good, I tend to sot-sot a bit.. while I surfing d internet... My craziness keluar.  I double click my webcam n d process of SS(syok sendiri) keluar. If u guys don't really know what is SS, let me explain to you!
According to (dis web don't exist, it only exist in my blog. kekeke~), SS or Syok Sendiri has several explanation:
1. is a process of taking picture where u enjoy it without any care of ur surrounding. ( macam live in ur own world la)
2. may repeatedly take pic with a same pose. (actually it's d same, but what to do, we only want d most fabulous 1)
3. take d pic from different angle and lighting ( professional photographer pun kalah) so that your 's face look small and photogenic.

back to d topic, after sharing d makeover photo, my face becoming more thick.. continue want to share my photo..(walaupun x laku) hehe... so, I'm came out with d first series of syok sendiri which I named August.SS-Phone Calling Expression!
Happy ^^

Shock - good news!

mad - unbelievable.

sad / cry (tp xda airmata, haha)

deeply concentrate hearing / thinking

dumb receiving call - idiotic pose. wahahaha

I know my expression not dat good yet, so, please, do leave a comment so I can improve my content.. and lastly my 100% SS resulted photo - 1. u c d eye's expression. (totally absorbed in my own world), 2. d angle of my face. Sengaja senget so dat my face will look smaller.. haha! Everyone, please enjoy ur own SS!! n smile brightly!! ^^
SS ing...


chocolateslover on August 23, 2011 at 3:51 PM said...

haha..SS'ing was good slalu buat..until me slalu kna ejek wks tu....=.= ahaha..

Anonymous said...

I always use those words 'syok sendiri' to tease my friends but I have never tried doing it myself. Maybe I should try doing it one of these days...haha.....;-)

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