Sunday, December 16, 2012

A bit myself, A bit Thailand..

Posted by August Chang at 1:03 PM
Hi fellas!!! Long time not uploads post due to... Busyness!!!! Currently, I'm on my final year of my degree.. which means I'm busy with my Final Year Project 1 (FYP1). A lot of things happened in this sem.. like I'm went to Thailand (School Program), my sister's wedding, and my dad's shop changing lot. Fuhh..
I still survive from it.. well, b4 the Doom's day arrive.. which I think will arrived not be arrived. Please don't arrive cos I'm giving efforts on completing my FYP1 and I don't want it to be wasted like that even though I'm nervous with the final product which be completed on FYP2...

For the Thailand trip, I really hope I can share my experiences at there here.. wait.. waitt.. I need to re-organize my data.. then I upload it.. teehee~~ But still some photos there.. :P
Sawadikaa~~ A Wai with Uncle McD..

Something happens!! but yet we so blur at Thailand.. haha~

Asian Institute of Technology. they use bicycle as main transport here!!

At the front desk of Salaya Pavillion Hotel.. with handsome~~ hehe

Ignore this, I'm just showingg..

Sexy boh?? 

Skyfall?? This was better! Live in front my eyes...

The bad ass in the show.. but he's friendly in reality.. :)

Second time - Parasailing!!! woohoo~

Arrived Coral Island, Pattaya.

Family Picture in front of Wat Arun..

Amitabha. a woman pray at the four face Buddha temple.

Pretty, is it?? making me want to make a real one.. but this one, no pain at all, it's drawn!! haha


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